Georgia Trend recently highlighted Aerotech Machining in the magazine’s Manufacturing feature, noting how Aerotech Machining is part of a growing manufacturing sector in Chatham County near the Port of Savannah. The article illustrated how Aerotech Machining has grown in the past 30 years and that now, with the aid of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, the company designs and produces parts using preprogrammed software and code to control the movement of production equipment. Aerotech can fashion parts using detailed specs as well as create designs to meet a specific use.

In the article, Joey Jones, president of Aerotech Machining, said that customers may come to his company with a need, not quite knowing what the part should look like. He explained that “We would design and give them a 3D rendering of the part for their approval. We would make them a prototype. If they accept the prototype, then we will send the part off into production and make them however many pieces they need—from two to 200, or a lot more than that.”